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No matter what your business is, you will always have a need to dispose of some documents in a secure manner.


Protect your business and your customers' information by using our paper shredding services! We use the secure pierce & tear process of shredding.

Dispose of documents the right way

Paper shredding

Don't just throw away all those old papers you have in your home or office! Recycle them and help the environment!


• Newspaper

• Cardboard boxes

• Magazines

Help the environment


When you need to get rid of documents with personal or financial information on them, you shouldn't just throw them away.


Bring your personal documents that need to be safely and securely disposed of to Recycle Service Corporation today!

Protect yourself

Personal documents

Serving the entire Montgomery, Alabama area since 1989! Fully bonded and insured for your peace of mind and protection.

Our team of expert personnel guarantees customer satisfaction, making sure each client receives the best service possible.

Get affordable shredding and recycling services from Recycle Service Corporation today! Check out our convenient mobile shredding service and save time!

Get rid of the clutter the right way

Secure Document



Call today for all your paper shredding and recycling needs!


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